Trailer Servicing

Having your trailer serviced by a qualified engineer is a  vital service often overlooked. Trailers and not yet subject to MOT’s in the UK but they are required, by law, to be road worthy. We service and repair all makes and models of trailers including:

  • general purpose trailers
  • catering trailers
  • horse trailers
  • and many other types

The  major problem with trailers is that the lack of use causes bearings to rust and brake linings to delaminate, and then you only find out when you next use the trailer.

Mobile Leisure Vehicle Services can help keep your trailer safe and road worthy, by preforming manufacturers recommended periodic servicing.

We cover the whole of Lancashire, Cumbria and The Lake District.

Catering and Horse Box Trailers

Our service consists of :-

  • Full running gear check including brake rods, bearings and tyres
  • Full brake shoes & drum inspection
  • Suspension check
  • Wheel bearings checked for wear & play
  • Wheel bearings re-greased
  • Full chassis inspection checking for stress fractures & distortion caused from over loading & wear
  • Floor inspection for wear and ageing which could result in the floor failing to hold the load, and we also check wall and panel damage in horse boxes due the the nature of use.
  • Brake cables inspected for wear
  • Lights & wiring check
  • Complete 12V electrical systems 13 pin, 12n &12s plugs, cables, road lights and charging system check
  • Gas checks more specifically in catering appliances, which should be check annually for safety and proformance.
  • Hitch re-greased
  • Brake snag wire checked for wear
  • Rubber bello checked for splitting
  • Tail & side ramp springs inspection
  • All tyres inspected for wear side wall cracking & tyre pressures
  • Wheel nuts tightened to correct torque settings


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Other Trailers

If you have any other types of trailer we have not mentioned we will happily let you know what we can do for you.
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