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We Are Still Working!

We are still working!

We use a special air jack for working in confined spaces.

Because of its large base, it doesn’t damage the vehicle’s chassis, too!

For caravan and motorhome repairs and servicing, please call 0800 180 4482 or Mobile 0777 32 88 597 or email [email protected]

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Approved by Adria

We are delighted to announce that we are now approved to carry out servicing on Adria caravans on qvc and motorhomes.

We look forward to a long and happy association with Adria.

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Questions & Answers

Why do I need to have my touring caravan/motorhome serviced?
Your leisure vehicle needs to be regularly serviced for roadworthiness, and the habitation areas need regular inspections to ensure there has been no deterioration. If your leisure vehicle is under warranty, it will require servicing within a stipulated time for that warranty to continue.

How often should I have my touring caravan/motorhome serviced?
Leisure vehicles should be serviced on an annual basis – even if a caravan or motorhome is used only a couple of times a year.  (Lack of use can cause its own problems.)

If you intend to tour a great deal, especially in areas where the roads are not well surfaced, then it is worth considering more than one service per year.  Poor roads can adversely affect tyres, suspension, body and fittings etc.

How often should I get my tyres changed?
The Approved Workshop Scheme recommends that you should have your touring caravan or motorhome tyres changed every seven years. This is in line with the British Tyre Manufacturers Association (BTMA) guidelines.

How long will the service take to complete?
A motorhome habitation service will usually take around three hours. A single axle tourer service will take around four hours, or a little longer for a twin axle tourer.

During the service, will the gas appliances in my touring caravan or motorhome also be serviced?
Gas appliances will be safety checked but not serviced in a basic service; you can ask for this to be carried out (for just £48.00). Please note some appliance manufacturers will not continue any warranty into the second or third year unless the appliance has been serviced annually (check with your appliance manufacturer).

Can the service on my touring caravan/motorhome be carried out by a mobile workshop and still maintain my warranty?
Yes, all Approved Workshops have full manufacturer support and approval.

Will the Approved Workshop be able to carry out warranty work?
Yes, provided that you have an agreement with your supplying dealer.

Is bulb replacement covered on a service?
Yes, but depending on how easy the bulb is to replace, you may incur a small charge.

I have heard of an incident when the nearside wheels on a caravan came loose – how could this happen?
Wheels do not come loose under normal circumstances if tightened to the correct torque. It is recommended however that you always check the tightness of wheel nuts before every trip. If the wheels have been removed during a service (or for other reasons) the torque of the wheel nuts should be rechecked after 50 miles.

What does a service cover?
All Approved Workshops work to a specific check sheet for both Motorhomes and caravans, a copy of these can be downloaded HERE:

Click here to download the motorhome habitation check sheet

Click here to download the touring caravan check sheet

Why should I use an approved workshop?
Approved Workshops are run by fully qualified caravan and motorhome servicing professionals, click here to find out other reasons why it is better to use an Approved Workshop.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with the service received?
We have demonstrated a positive approach to customer complaints and have in place a clear and simple customer complaints procedure. However in the unlikely event of a more serious complaint, that is not resolved in this way, the Approved Workshop Scheme operates a conciliation procedure, which is free to the consumer, to help resolve any issues.

Does the Scheme cover servicing of a motorhome base vehicle?
The Scheme only covers the habitation part of a motorhome due to the specialist knowledge and skills required to work on modern day motor vehicles. We offer a full service relating to both habitation and base vehicle, also for your convenience.

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Caravan Storage Site Owners Association (CaSSOA)

Do you use a CaSSOA site for to store your caravan or motorhome? If you don’t you may be missing out on real peace of mind during the off-holiday season…

The Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (“CaSSOA”) began 12 years ago with just 43 sites and now has a 558-strong nationwide network storing around 80,000 caravans, has a growing trend of commercial organisations – looking to diversify and generate revenue from unused buildings and land – joining the network. Caravan or motorhome storage is a way of gaining some income from unused space and many of these businesses – particularly those with warehousing or vehicle forecourt facilities – also tend to have the required security measures in place already.

CaSSOA grades storage sites in three tiers – Bronze, Silver and Gold – according to the level of security offered.

A CaSSOA spokesperson said: “Caravans are a significant investment and as more and more owners see the value of storing them on a bespoke secure site rather than their front drive, the demand for secure storage sites will continue to grow. Added to this, many insurers now insist that a caravan is stored at a properly certified site – otherwise insurance could be invalid. Sites in our network store anything from 15 to 1,300 caravans”.

Mobile Leisure Vehicle Services can visit any CaSSOA site across the North West and conduct an annual service on your caravan directly without the need to disrupt you at all. Just contact us for more information!

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